911 Address Advisory

The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office Communications Department is now offering a “911 Address Advisory Form” that the public may fill out and submit to our office. This form can be used by citizens to report valuable information regarding medical or other issues that may be prevalent in their home.

If a 911 call is received from a home, the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system will alert the dispatcher to conditions that are relevant regarding your situation and relay that information to responding units.

The form can be used to report chronic illness, elderly persons living in the home, persons that are physically disabled or have limited mobility, infants on apnea monitors, Alzheimer patients/residents, etc.

Citizens may also submit any specific information about their home location, such as if the home sets back a long lane, or anything that would assist responding units to locate your home.

To fill out a 911 Address Advisory Form just click on the link below and submit the form to us today.

Our goal is to provide efficient, effective information to our Emergency Services personnel in an effort to save lives and assist citizens and visitors of Muskingum County.

911 Address Advisory Form

Fields marked with a * are required

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