Concealed Carry Application Process

In order for an Ohio resident to apply for and obtain a concealed carry license, they must meet and follow the requirements listed below, as specified in ORC 2923.1235(A).

Applicant must have completed:

A. The required training within 3 years prior to the date of application.


B. Have obtained prior equivalent training through experience as a member of the US military or designated law enforcement agency, and retired or been honorably discharged from above, within 6 years prior to the date of application.

The applicant must be:

A. At least 21 years of age.
B. An Ohio resident for 45 days and a resident of County of Application, or adjacent county, for 30 days.

Applicant must present at the time of application

A. Completed application
B. Color photo (must be 2″ X 2″ passport photo size) of applicant taken within 30 days
C. Valid identification
D. Certificate of competency or prior equivalent documentation

Applicant must attest to:

A. Applicant has received and read OPOTC pamphlet.
B. Hand gun shall be carried in a lawful manner.

Applicant must submit to:

A. Having fingerprints electronically scanned
B. Having fingerprints inked and rolled onto fingerprint card

Applicant must pass:

A background check to determine:

1 If applicant meets age requirements
2 If applicant meets resident requirements
3 If applicant has a criminal record, EXCLUDING expunged records (Federal, State, and Local)
4 If applicant has been adjudicated mentally incompetent

Applicant must pay at time of application:

A. Nonrefundable fee of $67.00 or $91.00 (cash or money order only)

Applicant notification:

Within 45 days of date of application, applicant shall be notified by mail that either:

A. application is approved and time and date license may be picked up
B. Application is denied and reason for denial

Applicant wishing to contest a denial may follow denial process

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