Concealed Carry Competency Certification

Evidence of firearm safety training, re-qualification or prior equivalent training, must be presented at the time of original application. (See Prior Equivalent Training)
Firearms safety training certificate must be completed within 3 years prior to original application date.

A. Firearms Safety Training Course open to the public and under the auspices of:
a.) N.R.A.
* NRA basic pistol course may be 2 hours short depending on when the course was taken. (Additional training may be required.)
b.) A Law Enforcement Agency
c.) Public or private college or post secondary education within Ohio or another state
d.) Firearms training school in Ohio or another state
e.) public or private organization in Ohio or another state who complies with 2923.15

B. Firearms Safety Training Course with instructors from and/or certified by:
a.) N.R.A.
b.) Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Commission
c.) Government officers of Ohio or another State of US

C. Certificate or similar document that evidences any of the above, that complies with
course requirements.

D. If no certificate was issued then an Affidavit that attests to applicant’s satisfactory
completion of required 12 hour course, signed by authorized representative.

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