Concealed Carry Prior Equivalent Training

Pursuant to ORC 2923.125(D)(i)(ii) prior equivalent training will take the place of certificate of competency if the following is met:

If applicant is:

  • An active or reserve member of US military, or
  • Retired law enforcement officer or honorably discharged military, and has retired within 6 years of the date of application

Who while employed:

  • Was authorized to carry a firearm/handgun, and
  • While employed through the participation in above, acquired experience in handling handguns, and such experience was equivalent to the required training specified in ORC 2923.125(G)

And the above prior equivalent experience and retirement or honorable discharge is able to be documented by means of:

  • Firearms training documentation for handgun
  • Job duties and/or description
  • Re-qualifications

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