Concealed Carry Prohibited Places

The concealed carry licensee is prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon in any of the following places:

1. Police station
2. Sheriff’s Office
3. State Highway Patrol Post
4. Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
5. State Correctional Facility
6. Jail
7. Workhouse
8. Detention Facility
9. Airport passenger terminal
10. Mental Health Facility
11. Mental Retardation and developmental disabilities facility
12. School Safety Zone (2923.122)

A.School Building
B.School Premises
C.School Activity
D.School Bus B3

(School Safety Zone language changed. Can now carry in a School Safety Zone if only dropping off or picking up someone, either the driver or a passenger has a valid license, and no attempt is made to enter the building or an activity.)

13. Courthouse or structure where court is located (2923.123)
14. Any room/open air arena where D liquor permit issued (2923.121)(liquor consumed on premises)

(For clarification purposes this EXCLUDES a hotel room if you are the occupant. LANGUAGE CHANGED: You may carry if you are the principal holder of the D permit, you have a valid CCW license and you are not consuming or under the influence. You also may carry into a retail store with a D6 (sample tasting) or D8 (Sunday sales 1:00 p.m. to midnight) permit if you are not consuming or under the influence, unless the retail store is posted as NO CCW Permitted.)

15. Any owned/leased premise of a private or public College (exception – licensee must keep firearm locked in their motor vehicle)
16. Any church, synagogue, place of worship (exception – unless with prior approval from person authorized to give approval)
17. Any day care center with children present (exception – licensee’s own children in licensee’s own home, when no other children are present)
18. Any aircraft, foreign, interstate, intrastate transportation of mail
19. Any building or part owned or leased by State or political subdivision

(Revised to state that you CAN carry in a shelter, rest area, parking facility or lot owned by the government or a political subdivision as long as shelter, rest area, parking facility or lot is NOT being used as a courthouse.)

20. Any place prohibited by Federal Law.
21. Any premises, property or motor vehicle of a private employer, where rules/policies have been established and signs posted.

(It is no longer a “criminal offense” for a CCW licensee to carry into a posted private parking lot, however CAN BE sued civilly.)