Concealed Carry Renewal Procedures

Instructor Recertification — Pursuant to ORC 2923.125(G)(4) Concealed Carry Instructors wishing to offer a recertification course shall devise a test that demonstrates that the person is range competent.

NOTE: The law DOES NOT require a licensee seeking competency recertification to take a concealed handgun class again.

Competency Certificate Renewal –Pursuant to ORC 2823.125(G)(4) a person who has received a competency certificate or a renewed competency certificate may obtain a renewal certificate:

A. From an entity offering a prescribed training.
B. The person must pass a test that demonstrates the person is range competent.
C. Renewed competency certificate shall be dated since the original certificate of competency and attest that the applicant has demonstrated range competency.

License Renewal – 1st Renewal

Download License Renewal Information by clicking HERE for the PDF format. (**Updated October 17, 2009**)

Prior Equivalent Training Renewal

A. Retired Law Enforcement/Retired Military

- If within 6yrs of retirement, see Prior Equivalent Training -OR- 1st renewal current license is evidence that training requirements were met
– Subsequent renewals must provide competency certification or renewed competency certification as described in 2923.125(G)(2) or (G)(4).

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