Temporary Emergency Concealed Carry Requirements

In order for an Ohio resident to obtain a temporary emergency concealed carry license, they must meet the following requirements, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.1213:

1. At least 21 years of age
2. Resident of County of issue
3. Applicant must not have any disqualifiers which are listed in 2923.125(D)

-Criminal charges and convictions
-Fugitive from justice
-Adjudicated mentally incompetent
-Subject to a protection order

4. Applicant must present “evidence of imminent danger” by all of the following:

A. A sworn statement from applicant, under threat of perjury, that:

- Has reasonable cause to fear a criminal attack on applicant or family member, and
-Such cause would justify a prudent person in going armed

B. A written document prepared by a government entity or public official describing the facts that establish reasonable cause to fear, for example:

-Court order with report
– A report made to or by a law enforcement agency or prosecutor

5. Must pay non-refundable fee $30.00 maximum
6. Have fingerprints taken electronically or by inked impression
7. Sheriff shall immediately conduct background check
8. Sheriff shall immediately review results
9. If approved, enter into LEADS
10. Immediately issue
11. Denial and Challenge process same
12. Valid for only 90 days

-May not be renewed
-Issued only one time in 4 years
-Must be carried at all times while carrying handgun

13. Same rights and restrictions as 2923.125
14. Does not have to submit Competency Certificate (training)
15. Sheriff may revoke or suspend, using same procedure
16. Sheriff may revoke if discovered information that the person is not eligible to possess a firearm under State or Federal Law

NOTE: (No changes in Temporary Emergency Concealed Carry, except that Expunged/Sealed Records may no longer be used to deny.)

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