K9 Division

The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office commissioned its first multi-purpose K9 in 1998. The office now has five dogs.

Our dogs are certified as narcotics / patrol dogs as well as explosives / patrol dogs. All of the dogs live and work with their handlers. Custom cruisers allow these dogs to ride in safety and comfort during their shifts. There is one K9 and handler assigned to each of the three patrol shifts.

Our dogs have received various certifications, as mentioned above. A patrol dog is certified in the areas of building searches, evidence location, open area searches and criminal apprehensions. Narcotic dogs are certified in marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. Explosive dogs are certified in the detection of all compound or materials that is likely to be used in the making of a bomb.


K9 Narco
Deputy Jeremy Archer
Narco is a Belgian Malinois from Slovakia. He is trained as a dual purpose dog in Patrol and Narcotics detection. Deputy Jeremy Archer is Narco’s handler and they have been working together at Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office since June 2016.

K9 Crit and Deputy Brewer
K9 Crit
Deputy Brodie Brewer
Crit is a Belgian Malinois born and raised in the United States. Crit is trained as a dual purpose K9 in Patrol and Narcotics detection. Deputy Brodie Brewer is Crit’s handler and they have been working together at the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office since June 2017.
Panzer Photo
K9 Panzer
Deputy Josh Whiteman
Panzer is a Dutch Shepard. He is a dual purpose certified K-9 for Explosive Detection and patrol. Panzer was purchased through a Homeland Security Grant for the State of Ohio and is trained in both French and English commands. Handler Deputy Joshua Whiteman and Panzer were certified with the State of Ohio in November 2017 and currently work in the Patrol Division.
K9 Vegas
Deputy Joe Wilson
Vegas is a German Shepard. He is trained in narcotic detection and patrol operations (tracking, apprehension) and responds to English and German commands. Vegas, partnered with handler Deputy J Wilson, has been with the sheriff’s office since May 2015.

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