Our Sheriff

Hello Muskingum County,

Things are going very well at the office. The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office employees are working very hard to share in our common goal of making Muskingum County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

The road patrol deputies are responding quickly to your complaints and investigating crime in an efficient and professional manner. The detective bureau is handling felony investigations which are at an all-time high, trying to solve your crimes, recover property and put criminals behind bars. We also are tasked with registering and monitoring all sex offenders living in Muskingum County.

Our combined drug unit, featuring detectives from my office and the Zanesville Police Department has made great strides in combating the local drug problem. They continue to take illegal drugs off of our streets and get charges filed against drug users and traffickers.

Our corrections staff continues to provide a safe and sound correctional facility to house those offenders in our county. They are constantly maintaining order amongst the prisoners while providing a safe and controlled environment for those offenders to complete their sentences.

Our administrative and clerical staff maintains a steady performance in providing numerous services to our citizens. They provide report copies in a timely manner, screen and fingerprint CCW applicants, type reports, and handle all foreclosure sales as well as processing all subpoenas, summons and warrants.

Our communications center is the nerve center of the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office. We were very fortunate to be able to build a new center in our East Pike building. This center now provides a much better environment for our communications officers with controlled room temperature, user friendly consoles and much more needed space. These communications officers not only answer telephone calls and dispatch the deputies, they also answer 911 calls and dispatch fire and EMS runs.

During my years as Muskingum County Sheriff, we have been very fortunate in progressing with time and technology. Along with our communications center, we were able to move into a new building on the East Pike. It was the cooperation of Muskingum County Commissioners, Child Support Division and Children’s Services’ Division that made this move possible. With this new location, we were able to reunite administrative staff, detectives, communications officers and road deputies. This move increased our communication ability immensely.

We have been able to start a new car program with the help of our Clerk of Courts, Todd Bickle. Mr. Bickle allows funds from the duties of his office to be used in leasing five (5) new cars a year. This gives our deputies the vehicles they need to safely and properly handle calls and serve our citizens. This has cut back on our vehicle maintenance costs.

Recently we were able to purchase new hand guns, rifles and shotguns for our deputies. We also have been able to sustain the purchasing of new ballistic vest for our deputies every five (5) years as they expire.

We have maintained our K-9 program which is very instrumental in law enforcement today. We currently have 3 K-9’s trained in narcotic detection and 1 K-9 trained in explosives. All 4 dogs are trained in article searching, tracking and apprehension.

We continue to have a Special Response Team. These members are deputies first and are on call to respond to special, high risk situations. The members of the Special Response Team spend extra time training together so that they can respond to any need that arises.

Law Enforcement is very different from when I started. There are more restrictions and requirements on our officers than there have ever been. Our officers face unbelievable dangers as well as harsh criticism and scrutiny. There are dangerous people in our world today, most with personal agendas that they want the world to see. These people are the reason that we need Law Enforcement now more than ever.

Our Deputies took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States as did I. We get up every day, put on the uniform and leave our families to make our community as safe. We will continue to protect and serve on a local level no matter the obstacles or the consequences.

I feel very honored and proud to live in Muskingum County. The support that our local law enforcement receives in Muskingum County is outstanding. We appreciate it, we count on it, and I want to assure all of you that this office will continue to protect and serve the citizens of this county for as long as I am sheriff.