Sheriff’s Office Evidence Auction

Sheriff’s Office Evidence Auction

Saturday, September 9, 2017

10:00 am

Evidence Building on Newark Road (Beside Animal Shelter, 1430 Newark Road)

Photos will be available Monday, August 28 – Search: Ron Buchanan/Buchanan Auction Service LLC

1996 Chevy Tahoe, 2004 Cadillac Escalade, 1998 Dodge Intrepid, 1997 Honda Accord, 1996 Nissan MGS, 2004 Mitsubishi, 1996 Ford Taurus, 1998 Jeep Cherokee, 1998 Nissan Maxima, 1990 Toyota Celica, 2000 Chevy Metro, 1994 Lincoln Continental, 2003 Chevy Impala, 1997 Chevy Cavalier, 2000 Chrysler Mini Van, 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, 2003 Cadillac Escalade, 1997 Toyota Corolla, 1999 Ford Ranger, 2002 Dodge Ram 1500.

Small camo flashlight, Roto zip Zip saw, Oscillating power tool, Fitting box set, Black tool kit, Red bolt cutters, Sledge hammer, Louisville Slugger bat, Victoriaville hockey stick, Portable DVD player & CD’s, Multi-colored rug, Sheet set, Comforter, White dress, Misc. clothes, Blue/black bag w/ hacksaw & pipe cutter, flashlight, 4 way tire tool, Sorry Board game, Pipe cutter, Red pocket knife, Metal wood chisel, Black tire iron, Rifle scope cover, Kodak camera, Nextar GPS unit, Machete, Garmin GPS unit, Scanner, Black pocket knife, flathead screwdriver, Utility knife, Sears Craftsman bolt cutters, Hand saw, Wood handled pocket knife, Bolt cutters, Security cameras & monitor, Pipe wrench, Orange handled side cuts, Boat light, Horton arrow, Napa work light, Tire iron, Wired computer mouse, Flashlights, Air soft gun, Mini mag light, Gerber fixed blade knife, Hack saw, Cobalt pliers, Xbox controller & cord-X box games, Nylon tool pouch w/ tools, Claw hammer, Army duffel bag, Police Scanner, DVD’s, Hammer, Leather holster, Pocket knife, Brown holster, 15mm Auto craft wrench, Crowbar, Kitchen knife, Keyboard, Tire tool, Tony Hawk PS game, Cumberland Limestone Zippo lighter, Brink safe, Paint sprayer w/4 tips, Sling, Heritage Manufacturing Pistol box, BSA & Bushnell scope, Shoulder Holster, Master pro ignition, Super start battery cable, Outdoor timer, Digital timer, PS3 controller, Black OSU purse, Varmint Master scope w/mount, Red tin snips, Blue funnel, Earrings, LA Lakers watch, necklace w/peace sign, Gerber folding knives, Bear Grylls Gerber survival hatchet, Black case w/swords, Crossman air gun, Long Stanley screwdriver, Earnhardt knife, Brown pin knife, Mini LED flashlight, Yellow wire cutters, Paint ball gun set (JT Raider), Stanley 145 pc tool set, Sentry safe, Candle set, Black bed skirt ,Black full size sheet set Phone mount, Evvex sunglasses, Emergency roadside kit, Black wire strippers, Cubic zirconia earrings, Hammer w/wooden handle, R/C Helicopter, Flambeall tackle box, Metal pole, Porter cable saw, Red bolt cutters, Dragon sword, Ozark Trail tent, Blue hammer, Pliers, Gerber knife, Sword w/white handle, Folding knife, Screwdriver wrench combo, Stanley razor blade box cutter, Sean Jean watch, Craftsman wire cutters, Channel locks, SOG Machete w/ sheath, Winchester folding knife, Ridge runner knife, Needle nose pliers, Air soft BB gun, RCA digital voice recorder, Air soft Zombie Hunter, Air soft Stinger P9, SOG hatchet w/sheath, Summer Hoskins lock blade knife, Air soft M590 gun, Sheffield multi-tool, Side cut pliers, Daisy Buck BB gun, Daisy power line 880 BB gun, X Box, X Box 360 controllers, Black camera case, Bright RC truck w/controller, Horton Crossbow, Tippman 98 power pack paintball, Crowbar, Chisel, Tiffany Pen set, Knife w/eagle handle, Knife w/snake skin handle, .22 Cal Am Arms holster, Gerber knife, Corium Japan Knife, Gunlock w/2 keys, Black handled knife w/sheath, Sony CD player, 2 knifes w/sheath, Sony CD player, Triangle shaped knife, CD’s, Winchester air rifle, sword w/duct tape, Sportsman RS3 Air Rifle, Winchester Air Rifle, Jewelry box, Small chest, Healing rock, Husqvarna chain saw, BMX bike, Red/white igloo cooler, Black & Decker table saw w/box, 20” Mongoose bike, 20” Huffy (purple), Next power X, Huffy black/red, Mongoose bike, Huffy (pink), Mongoose spire black/gray, Thruster Rampage, Avigo open forge, Next all terrain, Next chaos, Pirate play pool, Power cords, Wilson antenna, CB-Galaxy microphone, Cobra CB radio, Pry bar, Astatic CB-Microphones, Claw hammer, Gimli digital picture frame, Motorola talk radio, Red bolt cutters, Samsung video recorder, Lg red bolt cutters, Holy Bible case, Axe, Card caddy, Shovel, Copper wire, Sentry safe, Grow light, 75’ extension cord, Purple tub w/stripped wire, Cork board, Dry erase board, Aquarium items, Hudson 1.5 gal sprayer, 300 watt flood light, Kerosene heater, Power strip, Pipe wrench, Hedge trimmers, Channel locks, Deer antlers, Basket of wire, Part of exhaust, Sunroof, 5 Metal wheels, Truck tool box, Aqua culture reader, Spray bottle, Pool stick, Foldable steel ramps, Coleman lanterns, Pottery swans, Garrity flashlight, First aid kit, Tire pressure tool, Leather tool belt, Yellow spot light, Green Uncle Mike’s gun holster, sockets, impact wrench, xtra sun ballast, Enviro Grow T5 grow light, Rigid saw zaw, Roto zip spiral saw, misc. clothes, perfume, jewelry, mini camera, digital camera, headphones, CD players for car, shoes, stage lights, Popeye tin, hack saw, Kellogg’s tin, air rifle scopes, tire iron, Jensen car radio, Mp4 player, nut driver, fencing nails, roofing nails, Sport kit brakes, shark sweeper, gun scopes, Simmon gun scope, Daisy grizzly BB gun, slings, ball gloves, Magnum baseball bat, Swan 264 Digital DVR, Sentry Safe, Abercrombie coat, Ninja turtles, My little pony, Soft gun case, Ace rifle case, Misc. gun catalogs, socket set, Kodak digital camera, Stalk grips, Small wooden treasure chest, bag w/misc. electronic items, gym bag w/tools, Samsung digital camera, ratchet straps, welding supplies, blade sharpeners, gas cans, Robin 3ban scanner, Clarion CD player, Nikon binoculars, catalytic converter, hunting belt, purple rope light, black CD case w/CD’s, Chrysler stereo/tape player, Pyramid gold subwoofer, Next power climber, Norman Rockwell jar, jewelry, rings, necklace, bracelets.