Sales 12/14

View the archived sheriff’s sales listings for December 2014.


Case #Sale DateAddressParcel #AppraisedStatus
CE2014-0327December 18, 20143255 Licking Lane Zanesville17.$33,000Sold
CE2013-0251December 18, 2014455 Moore Ave., Zanesville17.$66,000Cancelled
CE2014-0249December 18, 20143958 Skyline Dr., Zanesville17.$90,000Sold
CE2014-0234December 18, 201450 Dave Longaberger Ave., Dresden aka 50 W. 3rd St. Dresden33.$69,000Sold
CE2014-0005December 18, 20146415 Frazeysburg Rd., Nashport44.$27,000Sold
CE2014-0115December 18, 2014148 E. King St., Zanesville63.$30,000Cancelled
CE2013-0479December 18, 2014 345 Broadview Ave., Zanesville17.$69,000Sold
CE2010-0267December 18, 2014Next to 7600 Nosestine Rd., Roseville, new address will be issued when sold08.$90,000Cancelled
CE2014-0141December 11,20146285 Georgia Rd., Nashport44.$33,000Sold
CE2012-0527December 11, 20147260 Coopermill Rd., Zanesville25.
with mobile home
CE2014-0248December 11, 2014146 E. Newman St., Zanesville85.$75,000Cancelled
CE2013-0336December 11, 201410615 Old River Rd., McConnelsville20.$90,000Sold
CE2014-0131December 11, 2014640 Schaum Ave., Zanesville83.$18,000Sold
CE2014-0132December 11, 20145715 SugarGrove Rd., Blue Rock73.
CE2014-0108December 11, 20141112 Somers St., Zanesville86.$69,000Sold
CE2014-0121December 11, 20146610 Old Stagecoach Rd., Frazeysburg35.$126,000Sold
CE2013-0097December 11, 2014375 Walters Way, Zanesville51.$150,000Cancelled
CE2014-0224December 11, 2014444 Ruth St., Zanesville85.$39,000Cancelled
CE2013-0486December 11, 2014110 Meadowhaven Dr., Zanesville44.$75,000Sold
CE2014-0170December 4, 2014255 Hicks Rd., Zanesville51.$39,000Sold
CE2013-0469December 4, 2014128 N. Sixth St., Zanesville84.$45,000Sold
CE2012-0344December 4, 20149895 Canal Rd., Frazeysburg29.$120,000Sold
CE2011-0342December 4, 20146840 Dillon Hills Dr., Nashport35.$129,000Cancelled
CE2014-0156December 4, 20143555 Clay Pike aka 3650 S. Pleasant Grove Rd. Zanesville73.$120,000Cancelled
CE2014-0187December 4, 20148690 Hopewell National Rd., Hopewell25.$30,000Cancelled
CE2014-0063December 4, 20141521 May St., Zanesville85.$27,000Sold
CE2014-0204December 4, 2014150 Parkwood Ave., Zanesville63.
CE2014-0149December 4, 2014 3520 Mona Dr., Zanesville47.$120,000Sold
CE2014-0094December 4, 2014116 James St., Roseville13.$18,000Sold
CE2014-0302December 4, 2014918 Virginia St., Zanesville82.
CE2014-0197December 4, 201451 East Maple Ave. New Concord66.$30,000Sold
CE2011-0147December 4, 20142370 Neil Ave., Zanesville70.
CE2014-0306December 4, 2014605 4th St., Philo20.
$45,000No Bid No Sale
CE2014-0087December 4, 2014191 East Main St., Zanesville63.$45,000Cancelled
CE2013-0364December 4, 20143675 Dona Dr., Zanesville47.$35,000Sold
CE2014-0047December 4, 20141511 Eastview Ave., Zanesville81.$24,000Sold

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