Muskingum County Drug Unit

Sheriff Bob Stephenson implemented personnel into the position of “Drug Detective” during his tenure as Sheriff. These detectives became known as the Muskingum County Drug Unit. Over time, the Drug Unit has grown in size from its original number of two detectives, to its present number of five detectives assigned solely to investigate and apprehend narcotics violators in the community. The Muskingum County Drug Unit conducts operations in any area of the County, including all townships, villages, and the City of Zanesville.

Drug Unit personnel work a variety of hours and days, with no set schedule. The focus of the drug unit is primarily on large-scale drug traffickers and distributors. The drug unit does also work investigations on individuals that possess narcotics both for use and sale/re-sale, as well as pharmaceutical fraud investigations, money laundering, and the cultivation and manufacture of narcotics. The drug unit does also work any case given to them by special assignment from the Sheriff.

The Muskingum County Drug Unit is a proud member of the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force (CODE). This gives Muskingum County Drug Detectives multi-jurisdictional investigation and arrest powers anywhere in Muskingum, Coshocton, Licking, Knox, Perry, and Guernsey Counties. The Drug Unit is also registered and sworn with the Ohio Organized Crime Investigative Commission (OOCIC). Any case worked by the Drug Unit under OOCIC provides them with arrest powers anywhere in the State of Ohio.

Your Muskingum County Drug Unit has repeatedly taken over one million dollars worth of drugs off of our community’s streets every year since its inception. The drug unit has also seized millions of dollars worth of properties, vehicles, and U.S. currency. All of which is put back into our agency’s fight on drugs without cost to the taxpayers of Muskingum County.

The drug unit officers work in undercover capacities and manage confidential informants as well. Anyone wishing to provide information to the Muskingum County Drug Unit may do so by calling (740) 455-7917 or by clicking on one of the e-mail links below. Anonymous information is accepted. The drug unit would like to extend our thanks to the community for providing information on drug activity, by continuing to work together on this problem, we can make a difference.

Your Muskingum County Drug Unit