Concealed Carry Registration

The information on the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office website is for informational purposes only and does not contain all information pertaining to Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law.

For questions concerning concealed carry information not addressed on this site, please contact Capt. Jeff LeCocq at 740-452-3637 or by email by clicking the following link .

Reciprocity States: The following link to the Ohio Attorney General’s web site lists all states currently holding a Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreement with Ohio:

View Requirement & Details Ohio Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements

NOTE: Persons considering carrying concealed handguns in these states should contact that specific state for additional information on their laws pertaining to the transportation and carrying of concealed handguns.


Applications are accepted at the Administration Office of the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office, located at 1840 East Pike, on the following days and times (we do not take appointments):

Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm

Applications and CCW booklets may be picked up at the Administration Office Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm or they may be obtained through the Ohio Attorney General’s website,


This information is being provided to prospective instructors or entities wanting to provide training to members of the public who wish to carry a concealed handgun.

This information is referenced in O.R.C.2923.125.

It is strongly suggested instructors cover the responsibilities of persons carrying a concealed handgun. (O.R.C. 2923.126 Duties of Licensed Individual) A violation of any part this section may result in criminal charges.

Concealed Carry Topics

  • Requirements
  • Competency Certification
  • Prior Equivalent Training
  • Disqualifiers
  • Misdemeanor Crimes of Violence
  • Prohibited Places
  • Signs
  • Denial
  • Suspension Process
  • Revocation Process
  • Temporary Emergency Concealed Carry Application
  • Renewal
  • Fees
  • Courses and Instructors


In order for an Ohio resident to obtain a concealed carry license they must meet the following requirements, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.125(A):

  1. At least 21 years of age
  2. New applicants must have received a Certificate of Competency as specified in ORC Section 2923.125(B)(3)(a), (b),(c),(e), or (f), within 3 years prior to the date of application, covering the training requirements as specified in ORC Section 2923.125(G)(1) and (G)(2).
    Documentation that proves the applicant:
    A. Is an active or reserve member of the US military
    B. Retired law enforcement officer
    C. Has been honorably discharged from US military or retired from a law enforcement agency
    D. And through the participation in above employment the applicant acquired experience in handling handguns and that experience is equivalent to Training Requirements of 2923.125(B)(3) (a), (b), or (c).
  3. Applicant is not disqualified pursuant to criminal background check or mental incompetency check, as specified in ORC 2923.125(D)(1)(d), (e), (f), (g), (h), (i), or (j), or retired as a result of a mental disability.
  4. New applications must have a 2″ X 2″ color Passport style photo taken within 30 days of the application. This is not required for renewals.
  5. Attest that applicant has read pamphlet provided by the Attorney General’s Office as specified, and also attest the handgun shall be carried for a lawful purpose.
  6. Non-refundable fee
Once approved licenses are mailed


Must produce an original or photocopy of a certificate of completion of a firearms training program, dated within 3 years prior to application, signed by the instructor, certifies that the training complies with the requirements set forth in division 2923.125(G), and the course was open to members of the general public and utilized qualified instructors who were certified by a national gun advocacy organization, the executive director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission or a government official or entity of another state.


Military / Active

Documentation of the following:

The applicant is an active or reserve member of the armed forces of the United States (i.e. current Military ID)

Military / Retired

Documentation of the following:

That the applicant is retired from, or was honorably discharged from, military service of the United States, immediately preceding the application (i.e. DD214)

Law Enforcement / Active

Documentation evidencing both of the following:

That the applicant has successfully completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training Program OR peace officer training program of another state (i.e. Training certificate or appointment as a law enforcement officer) AND

A document that evidences that applicant is an active member of a law enforcement agency

Law Enforcement / Retired

Documentation evidencing both of the following:

That the applicant is a retired Trooper of the State Highway Patrol, a retired peace officer or retired Federal law enforcement officer who retired in Good Standing. (i.e. retired ID or letter on letterhead from the Chief/Sheriff/Commander of the department from which retired) AND

A document that evidences that the applicant has successfully completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training program OR peace officer training program of another state. (i.e. Training certificate or appointment as a law enforcement officer)


Applicant will be disqualified if any of the following applies:
  1. If applicant has been CHARGED or under UNDER INDICTMENT for:
    A. Any felony
    B. Any drug offense (except minor misdemeanor offenses)
    C. Misdemeanor offense of violence
    D. Negligent assault
    E. Falsification to obtain cc license
    F. Possess a revoked or suspended cc license
    G. Domestic Violence
  2. If applicant has been CONVICTED or has been adjudicated a delinquent child under the following offenses:
    A. Any felony
    B. Drug offense (except minor misdemeanor offenses)
    C. Assault on peace officer
    D. Domestic Violence
  3. If applicant has been CONVICTED or has been adjudicated a delinquent child under the following offense within 3 years:
    A. Misdemeanor offense of violence (except resisting arrest, assault on peaceofficer, domestic violence)
    B. Falsification to obtain CCW license
    C. Possessa revoked or suspended CCW license
  4. If applicant has been convicted or has been adjudicated a delinquent child under the following offenses within 5 years:
    A. 2 or more assaults
    B. 2 or more negligent assaults
  5. If applicant has been CONVICTED or has been adjudicated a delinquent child under the following offense within 10 years :
    A. Resisting arrest
  6. If applicant is or has been:
    A. Committed to any mental institution
    B. Adjudicated as mentally incompetent
    C. Been found by a court to be a mentally ill person, subject to  hospitalization by court order
    D. Involuntary patient other than for purposes of observation
  7. Is CURRENTLY SUBJECT to a Civil Protection Order, or a Temporary Protection Order in this or any other state.
  8. Is CURRENTLY SUBJECT to a suspension of a CCW license
  9. Was DISCHARGED from the Armed Forces under DISHONORABLE conditions.

** NOTE: Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.125(D)(4)…
Sealed records, also known as Expunged records are NO LONGER able to be examined and used for the purposes of the background investigation for concealed carry license applicants.


Assault 2903.13
Aggravated Menacing 2903.21
Menacing by Stalking 2903.21.1
Menacing 2903.22
Arson 2909.03
Riot 2917.03
Inducing Panic 2917.31
Endangering Children 2919.22
Intimidation of Victim/Witness 2921.04
Escape 2921.34
Discharge firearm at or into Habitation or School Safety Zone 2923.16.1


The concealed carry licensee is prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon in any of the following places:

  1. Police station
  2. Sheriff’s Office
  3. State Highway Patrol Post
  4. Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
  5. State Correctional Facility
  6. Jail
  7. Workhouse
  8. Detention Facility
  9. Airport passenger terminal
  10. Mental Health Facility
  11. Mental Retardation and developmental disabilities facility
  12. School Safety Zone (2923.122)
    A. School Building
    B. School Premises
    C. School Activity
    D. School Bus B3
    (School Safety Zone language changed. Can now carry in a School Safety Zone if only dropping off or picking up someone, either the driver or a passenger has a valid license, and no attempt is made to enter the building or an activity.)
  13. Courthouse or structure where court is located (2923.123)
  14. Any room/open air arena where D liquor permit issued (2923.121)(liquor consumed on premises)
    (For clarification purposes this EXCLUDES a hotel room if you are the occupant. LANGUAGE CHANGED: You may carry if you are the principal holder of the D permit, you have a valid CCW license and you are not consuming or under the influence. You also may carry into a retail store with a D6 (sample tasting) or D8 (Sunday sales 1:00 p.m. to midnight) permit if you are not consuming or under the influence, unless the retail store is posted as NO CCW Permitted.)
  15. Any owned/leased premise of a private or public College (exception – licensee must keep firearm locked in their motor vehicle)
  16. Any church, synagogue, place of worship (exception – unless with prior approval from person authorized to give approval)
  17. Any day care center with children present (exception – licensee’s own children in licensee’s own home, when no other children are present)
  18. Any aircraft, foreign, interstate, intrastate transportation of mail
  19. Any building or part owned or leased by State or political subdivision
    (Revised to state that you CAN carry in a shelter, rest area, parking facility or lot owned by the government or a political subdivision as long as shelter, rest area, parking facility or lot is NOT being used as a courthouse.)
  20. 20. Any place prohibited by Federal Law.
  21. 21. Any premises, property or motor vehicle of a private employer, where rules/policies have been established and signs posted.
(It is no longer a “criminal offense” for a CCW licensee to carry into a posted private parking lot, however CAN BE sued civilly.)



Pursuant to ORC 2923.1212 signs shall be posted in conspicuous places, prohibiting persons from carrying a firearm into prohibited places.


Pursuant to ORC 2923.126(C)(1) private employers may post signs prohibiting carrying a firearm into their business, except that:

In order for a law enforcement officer to enforce an employer’s rule, policy, practice, a sign must be posted in a conspicuous place.

A sample of the sign which may be posted warning persons NOT to enter the premises where the sign appears while carrying a firearm can be found on this page. THIS sign cannot be used by schools or at courthouses. THIS sign must be posted in a conspicuous place per ORC 2923.126(C)(1).

CCW Sign


Sheriff determines to deny application because not satisfied criteria (2023.125)(D)(1) the Sheriff must:

  1. Specify reason for denial
  2. Written notice to applicant

May appeal the Sheriff’s denial decision to Muskingum County Common Pleas Court pursuant to ORC 119.12

If denied due to result of criminal background check and applicant believes denial based on incorrect information reported by source, applicant may challenge results from source as follows:

  1. If from BCI records the applicant must use their existing challenge policy
  2. If from Sheriff’s Office records applicant must present certified copies of source of information, i.e. court record, Prosecutor’s Office records, if the case was dropped, found not guilty, etc.

If denied, may reapply in one year, if not permanently disqualified by conviction.

NOTE: Expunged/Sealed Records may NO LONGER be used to deny an applicant.


License shall be suspended for:

  1. Arrest or charge for disqualifying offense 2923.125(D)(1)(d)
  2. Violation of 2923.15, using weapon while intoxicated
  3. Subject to Temporary Protection Order or Civil Protection Order

Suspension to begin on date licensee arrested or Temporary Protection Order or Civil Protection Order issued.

Suspension ends if charges dismissed, or Temporary Protection Order or Civil Protection Order canceled.

Licensee shall be notified by letter sent certified mail.

Licensee must surrender license to Sheriff within 10 days of notice.

License will be returns when suspension ends.

(May NO LONGER suspend a license for failing to announce or failing to keep hands in plain view.)


Sheriff shall revoke license:

  1. Failed to meet or fraudulently obtain to meet criteria in 2923.125(D)
  2. Convicted or pled guilty to disqualifying Offense
  3. Subject to Civil Protection Order or Temporary Protection Order
  4. Knowingly carries handgun into prohibited place
  5. Adjudicated mentally incompetent

Notify licensee by letter sent certified mail the reason for revocation

Licensee may come to the Sheriff’s office to contest within 14 days of notice mailing.

If upheld Sheriff shall revoke and licensee must surrender immediately.


Applications are accepted during normal business hours Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with the exception of legal holidays

Applicant Must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Legally live in the United States
  • Apply in county in which they reside or if an out-of-state resident temporarily residing in the county of application
  • Submit to WebCheck fingerprints and pass the background check
  • Complete Temporary Emergency Application (this is the sworn affidavit referred to in 2923.1213(b)(1)(b) and it must be notarized.)
  • Provide 2×2 color passport style photo taken within past 30 days
  • Pay non-refundable fee of $37.00 if Ohio resident 5 yrs. of more $61.00 if Ohio resident less than 5 yrs. (cash, cashier’s check or money order)
  • Present “Evidence of Imminent Danger” by providing one of following:
    • Written documentation prepared by law enforcement, prosecutor or court, government entity or public official (eg. Reports, TPO, CPO)
    • Statement sworn by the applicant stating the reasonable cause the applicant has to fear criminal attack upon the applicant or a member of the applicant’s family (provided by applicant under threat of perjury)

NOTE: Temporary Emergency License is valid for 90 days from date of issue and may not be renewed. A Temporary Emergency License can only be issued one time within a 4 year period.

Although the law states that the Sheriff shall “immediately” issue a temporary concealed license, the law also states that the applicant must pass the background check, including the WebCheck fingerprints. This does not mean the license will be issued the same day it is applied for, however the Sheriff shall “immediately” begin the background check process, and “immediately” upon receipt of the results of the records check the Sheriff shall review the information and determine whether the criteria is met. If the criteria is met the applicant will be contacted to process the license. If the criteria is not met the Sheriff shall specify the grounds for the denial in a written notice to the applicant.


Read the latest book printed by the Ohio Attorney General

Complete a new application

Present current CCW license (or expired CCW license)

Valid State issued identification

Submit to WebCheck fingerprints

Non-refundable fee (Credit Card, Cash, cashier’s check or money order)

$50.00 Ohio resident 5 yrs or more

$60.00 Ohio resident less than 5 yrs

No photograph is required.

There is a 30 day grace period after expiration during which you may continue to carry.


Effective March 19, 2017

** See payment method below **

This is the fee schedule for a standard concealed carry license.

For an applicant who has resided in Ohio for five(5) years or more: $67.00 **

For an applicant who has resided in Ohio for less than five(5) years: $67.00 + $10.00 (FBI) fingerprint charge Total $77.00 **

A renewal of the standard license: $50.00 **

A renewal of license living in Ohio less than five (5) years: $60.00

A replacement license: $15.00 **

Credit Card Processing Fee: 3% **

The fee for a temporary emergency concealed carry license with applicant living in Ohio more than five (5) years: $37.00 **

Temporary Emergency concealed carry license with applicant living in Ohio less than five (5) years: $47.00

For CCW, we accept cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover - note processing fee above), cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted.



The instructors listed are being provided at the request of the instructor as a courtesy, and are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office.

Additional certified instructors will be added to this list as information becomes available.

Bailey, Will
NRA ID #158507741
(740) 819-0960

Binkley, Joshua M
NRA ID # 176325850
(740) 644-7268

Bell, Steve J
FFL ID # 431089013M07884
(614) 824-0695

Chancey, Les
NRA ID # 180292791
(740) 801-1997

Gary, Thomas R
NRA ID#190017095
(740) 974-1500

Lindsley, Douglas A
REQ # REQ03626
(740) 683-4429

Rayner, Tom and Carolyn
NRA IDs # 2010496 (Tom)
       28533863 (Carolyn)
(740) 674-7019

Pagath, Don
NRA ID # 3822915
(740) 674-6364

Ripple, Bill
NRA ID # 20544490
(740) 754-3319

Shirer, Bo
NRA ID # 192221226
(740) 297-5461

Sorensen, Daniel
(740) 452-5363
(740) 819-1445

Stotts, Wesley
NRA ID#170817706
(740) 252-6933

Warner, Timothy A
NRA ID#190163978
(740) 974-1500

Watson, Stan
NRA ID# 37383205
(740) 617-6059

Williams, Ryan
OPOTA # REQ05778
(740) 252-7822

Yaw, Joe
NRA ID # 6637755
(740) 826-4648