Inspection On Under Speed Vehicles/Golf Carts

PURPOSE: To develop and establish a policy and procedure for the safety inspection of under speed vehicles/golf carts.

DEFINITION: According to the BMV an under speed vehicle (USV) is a four wheeled vehicle other than a truck that either is originally designed and constructed with a top attainable speed of 20 miles per hour or less, or is not originally designed and constructed for operation on a street or highway. Most golf carts are USV’s.


  1. The Sheriff or Chief of Police in a jurisdiction where an under speed vehicle (USV) is being used is responsible for the inspection of the USV prior to the USV getting licensed.
  2. The Sheriff or designee will inspect and provide the applicant with a certificate of inspection.
  3. To gain a certificate of inspection the USV must meet and comply with all vehicle equipment listed in ORC 4513.
  4. After the inspection, the original certificate will be kept on file at the Sheriff’s Office. There will also be a computer database of USV’s inspected.
  5. Note: If the USV is only used on private property, the operational equipment and registration requirements would generally not apply.


  1. In order for a person to license a USV, they must first have the vehicle inspected by the Sheriff or his designee.
  2. There will be certain days and times for inspections as set forth by the Sheriff.
  3. All inspections will take place at the Sheriff’s Office.
  4. Upon completion of inspection, the persons will be given a copy of their USV inspection certificate.
  5. The person must then take their copy to the Clerk of Courts Title Office in any county. The person will then be issued a title for their USV.
  6. The person must then obtain insurance on the USV.
  7. The person will then be able to take their title to the deputy registrar of the BMV and file for license plates for the USV.
  8. All USV’s must be used in accordance with ORC Chapter 4511.


The following items are included on the USV inspection sheet.

  1. Persons registering must have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Must show proof of insurance listing state minimum requirements for liability on golf carts.
  3. Minimum one tail light visible from 500 feet.
  4. Must have two rear red reflectors.
  5. Must have a license plate light visible from 50 feet.
  6. Must have two brake lights visible from 500 feet.
  7. Must have two working headlights capable of illumination objects at a distance of at least 75 feet.
  8. Must have a working horn audible from not less than 200 feet.
  9. Must have a rearview mirror.
  10. Must have a windshield of glass or safety glass.
  11. Must have working turn signals.
  12. Must have brackets from front and rear license plates.